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The Curse
Drunk on its power and intoxictated on its insolence
it crept into God's house and molested his children
Snatched their privacy with its right hand
and silenced them with its left
Threatened them that their father would be banned
and raped them with the law of the land
producing a backward seed of destruction and greed and calling him a man
brought its beast into the church to preside over its pews
to replace the sovereign word of God with the Doctrine of impetuous fools
the beast laughed at the ignorance of the children too oblivious to detect that he was raping the fathers wife
They said "no this brother could not violate his own mother" and they ignored his theft blinded by his ominous light
The fiends scraped together to feed the poison peddler
failing to intervene
and soon the peddler pillaged deeper and deeper
until the wife could no longer bare fruit only harbor society's greed

Where I belong
I belong in the sun barefoot and free. I belong on a porch drinking tea from an oversized cup. I belong in cool cotton shorts and straw hat picking oranges from a tree. I should be reading my poetry to young ones who will perch their heads sweetly in my lap. I should be practically singing line after line in a tone that lulls them to sleep.

I want to know how to grow a wheat field, or a crop of soybeans. I want find a land where the government can't tax me and not worry about the fact that it won't defend me either. I want to play my guitar in the cool of the night with my shorts high above my knees as I smoke marijuana from a pipe.

This is not my dream. I did not ask for this life. I do not want to work for a capitalist society, or a king who covets power over the pleasure of his people. I don't want to have a king or live in a land where perverted pleasure reigns supreme, and people enjoy the fruits of hatred and greed.

I hate the fact that I am defined by the way i look or who I am. I truly hate it. the endless rat race that has been created. I hate being fearful each day. I just want to run away to a place where i am not defined by human lies or inhumane eyes or the destructive thoughts of destitute and disgusting minds. I think the business men are the degenerates. I think the sophisticated society is filled with sweet smelling savages.

I feel so much like the Romans after winning the Carthage battles I just want to return to an old life. The funny thing is i never knew it.
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I envy the spring

I want to bloom like the spring. I want to bloom Beautiful, plump, and pleasant like the buds of roses that spread so gently and tenderly. I want to be all sunlight and purpose. To be thick like the honeysuckle scented air. I want to be lovely and simply saturated with pleasantries like the feild that is filled willed wildflowers and tempting pear trees. I want to be innocent as the smile of a flower girl so youthful and naïve coyly displaying bright white teeth between shy grinning lips. I envy the spring. I envy its bold sashaying storm clouds and its merciless rain taking what it wants and bringing forth the beauty of a thousand fairytales into glorious reality. Instead I am the muddy puddles and snow laden streets of winter. I am the cold stab of heartless wind. I am the dark foreboding snow cloud. I am the Christmas of the poor so unnoticed, so willfully forgotten, never quite becoming all that I was hoped and wished to be. I am the laughter that is soon hushed by icy chills that stiffen and chap lips. Oh how I envy the spring.

El Cafe de St. Augustine's

             The cafeteria buzzed with students as i stood in line for my daily ration of slop. I surveyed the room eyeing all eyes and hearing all voices. I heard the chatter, the remarks of peace and of war. Such triviality exists in the missions of college students. Their cobwebbed minds all laden with the fresh dew of spring. Ready to shake off the unbearably heavy dust that results from their BET whittled thoughts moving all too swiftly toward summer. They would be content with a cheap existence that consists of music videos cheesey burgers and antrophying brains. All to their tables they go away hustling and bustling. Each one chomping and slurping on undesirable cuisine that was prepared with unloving hands and dumped into their waiting bowls like cheap dollar store dog food. I step toward the front of line. I hear a girl at the back of the line say "That bitch (me) is scary she wears bi-focals (actually single focal glasses that happen to be big and nerdy looking) and shit" The lunch lady with her bang and curls half-out of hair net peers over the thin glass display, her skin dripping with an unidentified oil. She gives a false smile displaying a nearly toothless grin. She asks with a deep voice "What will you have Baby?". I wince "None of this" I reply. I take my bag in hand and leave the cafeteria.


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