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Underground Atlanta Tuesday 10:26
at approximately 8:30 pm
I went into the females restroom in underground atlanta
I heard what I thought was an officer yelling hey sir hey sir
I did not know he was talking to me by the time he said hey you in the grey shirt i was already in the stall with my pants down
he jiggled the door and said do i have to raise this door up and pull you out of there
I was really scared and felt very threatened and I had flashbacks of my sexual abuse. I was shaking at this point when I said "I am taking a piss" after I was done I went to wash my hands he said "Are you male or female?" I did not have to answer that question I remained silent I asked if he was an APD officer and if so what his name and badge number is he said he was a security officer and this is private property a crowd had begun to form they asked questions such as "did he go into the girls bathroom?" "did this nigga go into the girls bathroom? what the fuck" The security guard said "yes" and continued to "ask are you male or female" Then one of the guys in the crowd asked the officer "Do you want me to beat his ass" the officer said "Nah slim" I asked to speak to the officer's supervisor I was so scared at this point and felt like the mob was angry the officer went to the mens room where chris now was he got chris he had me by my arm and my bag i asked him to let me go he refused the first time I said "I will follow you, and I could walk by myself" he let my arm go and took me to the booth where he started to talk to the unnamed officer. I asked the unnamed officer who I thought was the supervisor why this was happening the unnamed officer said "I don't know ask him" he pointed at B. Boyd the supervisor came and started talking asking b.boyd what is going on he asked for my id and I picked up my bag one officer started talking to me i don't remember what he said and the supervisor asked for my ID again. I was no longer distracted so I gave the supervisor my ID i was very scared and near tears one unnamed officer in the booth made comments like "do you have a dick?" "do you have a vagina between your legs?" the supervisor said nothing. He said you are a Georgia State Student right? A panther. You know better than to go into a women's restroom.
the named officers were b.boyd and captain g. livingston unnamed officer was in the booth but came out and started to question us also.
I also remembered that the bystanders all male talked to b. boyd as if he were there friend stating whats up black? I also remember that as he was accosting my friend and i a man walked out of the restroom with a blunt in his ear.

I remember stating that i was outraged and I only talked to Chris
I asked the officer why he was doing this?
Could I speak to his supervisor?
When he grabbed my arm and my bag I said
"I do not consent to a search"
when he asked me what my gender was I said I did not have to divulge that information to him

I did not want to divulge my gender at the time because it was a threatening situation a guy said he would assault me and there were multiple guys there with the man who threatened me which put me in a scary situation in which I felt my safety was in danger.

The supervisor said in order to file a complaint i would have to wait till after nine oclock tomorrow.


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