1 understanding= the possibility of infinite understanding

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First I'd like to give honor to the everlasting abundance that is energy for charging my electrons with this wisdom that propels me to infinite understanding. I have learned two important lessons that must be analyzed in depth. As I become older and more fruitful- this age twenty does not quite ripen the vine-I am young yet growing into maturity. Maturity, unbeautifully, hangs like loose skin on those who have not quite grown into it. I believe that maturity is there through hand-me-down understanding by a certain youthful age. However, it can not be utilized properly until time breeds understanding or experience leads to revelation, recognition, and epiphany. Time is the dictator of one's age but energy- life beads that pearl in strands encapsulating that which is knowledge- are truly the only distributors of wisdom.
What is wisdom then? Wisdom is the ornament, the jewel that sets the beauty and purpose of the tapestry free, increasing its aestetic value without changing its appearance. Wisdom is what one gains in footsteps , tastes, the swift or slow motion, the touches that feed the senses information as to the texture, the value, or the impact of a thing thus generating signature appropriate emotions. Wisdom is the secret to be deciphered in ripples of water. It is the honey truths and the salt ones. It is in the learned eye that does not refrain, the ear that hath heard, and the heart-mind that has understood and/or admitted otherwise.
That in an abstract word is wisdom. That is the shard of the mirror once broken now in place to reflect the entire tapestry that is us back at ourselves and challenge with a view that is more accurate than the description or the foggy visual of a mind that without that shard in place would only have a fragmented picture. In reflecting us we reflect the world as it is and ever was. In understanding that reflection the one that is you or I creates the possibility of infinite understanding through the sharing of knowledge on the collective consciousness of mankind.

This day dreamer is quite lucky indeed
I have the sweetest honey bee to pollinate my fantasies
your dark eyes and supple skin are a form of ecstasy
molasses skin and long dark hair breed cocoa harmony
sinews of syrup colored hues drive lightning bolts down my spine electrifying my desire to a higher degree
creating ripples in the waters of time's endless sea on which i float searching for someway to capture forever
maybe in your kiss, maybe in your touch, maybe in your smile.


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